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  1. I replaced my generator and I need to know how to polarize it. I am told to short a wire across 2 posts on the regulator but I am not sure which 2? On one side of the regulator there are 2 posts, marked ARM and Field. On the other side there is one post marked BAT. Thank you for your time. David Snyder
  2. Thank you c49er for the info on the 2 plugs on the transmission. Thank you The 55er for the hand brake info. So are there small brake shoes that surround the output shaft or the driveshaft. If I need new hand brake linings what would I ask for or do you know where I could get them. I just changed the master cylinder and I thought the brake light switch would be screwed into it. Can someone tell me where the brake light switch is on a 1952 Plymouth?
  3. Thank you Tinindian and C49r (Bob) for your advice). With the 52 Plymouth Cranbrook I got many extra parts. There are 4 brake linings with long rods treaded on the end attached to the linings. Does the 52 use the rear brake shoes as the emergency brake shoes or could these linings with rods attached be part of the braking system on the 52? Thank you in advance for any insight on these linings. I could take a picture but I'm not sure how to attach it. David
  4. I am purchasing a 1952 Plymouth. I want to top off the fluids before driving it home. What is recommended for the rear end? Also what is recommended for the manual transmission with overdrive. Thank you, David Snyder
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