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  1. Anyone know where I purchase find a set of lower support mount bushings? GM part # 25500592 I've tried Rock Auto, Carid and other national suppliers - no luck
  2. I discovered that a company called Air Manufacturing Corp makes an under the dash A/C Heater package that includes a COMPLETE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM FOR 12 VOLT VEHICLES COMES WITH ALL NEW PARTS NEEDED FOR COMPLETE A/C INSTALLATION. PACKAGE INCLUDES UNDERDASH A/C EVAPORATOR ASSEMBLY, COMPRESSOR WITH CLUTCH, CONDENSER, Receiver DRIER, HOSES, COMPRESSOR MOUNTING HARDWARE, AND ALL BRACKETS, SCREWS, NUTS, BOLTS AND WASHERS. The kit is specific to the 1962 Buick and costs $1,300.Their # is 8775428192 http://autoacsolutions.com/
  3. I recently acquired a 1962 Electra with no A/C and I'm thinking of buying an aftermarket kit and adding it. Is this a complicated project and will it add or detract from the car's value?
  4. I went to the website. They don't have any specific kit for any Buick. Not looking for a universal solution, as A/C was offered as an option on that car. Do you have any thoughts on my 3 questions?
  5. Have a 62 Electra that did not have factory A/C. What's involved in installing an aftermarket A/C from scratch? Is this a bad idea? Any idea what it would cost if I sourced it out?
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