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  1. Ok I replaced the accumulator jacked up the car removed the rear wheels opened both bleeders had the key on someone pressing on pedal zero fluid came out of either side What do I need to do next. Loosen the break line to the tee in rear where it splits to both rear lines. Need help.
  2. just ordered a accumlator from tbsc shop i will replace and try that first found info on your website thanks
  3. the pump continues to run. before the break line broke it would shut off in 30 seconds . how would this ruin the pump, and the breaks haven,t been bleed correctly i would like too try this first. does it matter which rear break to bleed first?
  4. now the car is sitting in our garage all help will be greatly appreciated I will finish the fixing i hope with your help
  5. also the accumilator has not been replaced do I need to do this immediately or get it running first..
  6. the rear hose and the mechanic replaced the break line from the abs to the tee in the back going to the rear breaks he said he blead the breaks with a special abs machine i read on this sight that they should be blead with the switch turned on I can hear the pump running.. thank you for responding
  7. 1991 Chrysler tc had broken break hose replaced now pedal very hard to press and stop. How can this be diagnosed.
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