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  1. While I'm here, figured I'd post a picture of our 1938 Studebaker Fire Truck. When I say "our" I mean I'm a member of the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department, in Georgetown, CA. This department purchased this engine brand new from the Studebaker dealer in Placerville, CA. The volunteers restored this vehicle many years ago and is used for parades at this point but is fully functional. My understanding is that there are not very many of these around....
  2. Going through some old photos my uncle had to scan them, came across this photo and thought I'd post it up here in case anyone is interested. I've been scanning and for the most part tossing photos, but if there is interest in photos and someone wants them then I'm sending them off. Did some searching on a 1915 Chandler and ended up in this forum so I thought I'd share the picture. On the back my uncle wrote 1915 Chandler powered by a 195 Buda Diesel - Converted by Vaughan Tractor & Auto Parts Co of Shreveport, LA
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