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  1. Thank you both - the photo was marked 1946, so I'll change that!
  2. Hello, Would like to ID cars to approximate date of photo - thanks to your members for always being helpful!
  3. The first attached Franklin photo was earlier ID'd by your members as c1918-20 Touring Series, which agrees with kids in car (photo taken c1922). And the second attached pic is the same Franklin I think? But not the same as the first car above, third pic attached here?
  4. Thank you all! Special appreciation to the license plate expert!
  5. Hello, I have 3 more pix for which I would like to identify the cars to help date the photos. I believe all are taken in Dallas, the one with father and child was taken c1926. Thanks in advance for all the great help from your members!
  6. Thank you all for this impressive information!
  7. Thank you very much to both of you. Good to know the 1920s, as I'm trying to determine whose house it is. To JFranklin, if the pic is not Dallas, then the next likely place is Monroe, LA, but the "atmosphere" looks like Dallas to me.
  8. to try to date the photo - it is in Dallas TX. I know it's not much to go on but would appreciate any thoughts . . . .
  9. I would like to ID these cars to possibly help me identify the person and/or home. I believe it is Texas from the license plate which has 6 places, although Texas may have had only black plates with white lettering at that time. Should be Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi. Thank you!
  10. Thank you, Mr. Keiser, I see the difference in doors particularly.
  11. This is not a great photo, but there are 2 cars in the driveway - can anyone tell me models and approximate years? I'm trying to put a rough date on the photo. Thank you!
  12. thank you both. is the attached the same car?
  13. Would like to ID this car- photo is c1922 Dallas TX - thank you!
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