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  1. most of the parts seem to be in restorable shape, i somehow lost all my photos and it is cold wet and nasty outside right now but this weekend i will take some more. Central Illinois. the shed was a machine shed in good condition though it was tore down right after i got the car out for insurance and tax reasons. i kind of just want it gone so i get my shed back. if anyone is interested you can just come get it. there is also a title issue, my grandfather supposedly had the title but lost it and he is recently deceased
  2. i have a 27 Buick that has been in a shed for 50 or so years. most parts are there but it is rough, no holes in the body, weird parts that i cannot identify, wheels turn, motor appears to be all there but in boxes, transmission is present and shifts. looking for recommendations on whether this is a potential project for someone, if there is enough interest to sell the parts, or if i should just put it on a flatbed to a junkyard
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