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  1. I am making good progress towards that end
  2. It is a 1919 Model 34B. I had a 1917 Model 34 I purchased in 2016 for $3,000. It was complete and we got it to run. In 2017 we did a tour across the Yellowstone Trail in Wisconsin to raise money for a charity. I owned an old building that had been an Oakland agency and kept the car there. The man who bought the building bought the car, which is still inside today. Andy of Andy's Garage in Delaware is a person you should talk to. He has a Model 34 and deals in parts for them.
  3. They have about 100 cars and trucks and do a good job restoring some. Others they buy done. They display them very nicely. I have appraised almost all of their vehicles for value, but in this case the important thing is getting enough information to get the car registered. What is your car in the photo? I had a 1917 Oakland for awhile. I used to work for OLD CARS newspaper.
  4. The Automobile Gallery of Green Bay, Wis. (www.theautomobilegallery.org) has a Dort Speedster with Lycoming Motor No. 30630. The plate on the engine looks like there could be an X or K prefix and a B suffix ahead of and behind the numbers. We are trying to identify this car as to year, model, VIN, etc. so that it can be titled and registered. So far, the state has refused to accept registration documents for the car.
  5. I would like to reach the AACA members who were building a 1919 Gray Dort speedster. I am researching a Dort Speedster at The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay, Wis. We need to document the car so it can be titled and registered.
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