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  1. I just went out and looked again (and felt around) from every angle possible, but am not seeing what you are describing. Anyway, your input is appreciated!
  2. OK, thanks, I see the throttle stop screw now - the head is upside down and it is an inch or so long. Had to use a mirror to get a good look at it. I can't even get a wrench on it though, as it's in such an awkward location. The dash pot is in the way, and I'd rather not mess with that.
  3. I have the carpet mats, but need something I can just hose off or scrub in the garage sink. And that fits a 55 Buick better than what I already have. Here are pix of the carb and linkage. I've looked and looked and can't find a throttle stop screw. Just want to bump up the idle speed a bit. The two slow speed needle adjustments on the carb don't seem to do anything.
  4. Anyone know of a source for custom rubber or vinyl floor mats for a 1955 Buick Super to protect the carpeting? Right now I am using some universal ones from Walmart, but they are ill-fitting and slide around. Also, while I'm posting - can someone please post a closeup picture of the throttle stop screw (Carter four barrel) on the throttle linkage. The shop manual refers to it, but there's no picture and I cannot find it. Thanks.
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