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  1. Continuing to detail the interior as I wait for some tune up parts. This car is so original and clean! Only missing the rear view mirror and gas pedal! Enjoy!
  2. I recently acquired this 1955 Nash Ambassador Super and am looking for the following parts. Please let me know what you have!!! Pictures of my car for reference! Rearview Mirror (Dimmable accessory option is a plus!) Gas Pedal Bottom Passenger Rear Fender Trim Molding (Long version for Continental Kit option) If you look close in the last picture you can see where the stock trim molding ends at the start of the continental kit Solid floor pan pieces to make some small repairs... Any unique accessories, brochures, dealership items for this year
  3. Can anyone identify year make and model of this steel rim? 16" with original Firestone Town & Country tire. 1930's? Packard? Nash? Cheers! Stephen
  4. Yes! It was an awesome experience. There was nothing worth leaving behind! when I saw the car it instantly reminded me of our time in Havana... I had to have it!
  5. New member here but not new to the car scene... I have been into cars since the age of 12 from the help of my pops! Mostly air-cooled VW's), 25 Ford T Bucket, 64 Dodge Dart convertible to name a few. I have always wanted a BIG 50's area car to drive around with with the wife and kids. Here is a brief story on my adventure a couple weeks back along with my dad to unearth this amazing time warp of a 1955 Nash Ambassador Super in addition to a treasure trove of finds from a longtime collector. For the past 15 years, my coworker spoke of his fathers passions for vintage Nash's. At his height
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