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  1. thank you for you help will work on this today so I can hopefully drive it this week .
  2. yes still 6 volt have the tail lights working, front parking lights very dim. found a wiring diagram for a rewire in the trunk along with a bunch of wires and connectors. have not found a fuse box or turn signal flasher. will try again this weekend. Getting to old and fat to get under the dash any more Thanks for all the advice will try and respond quicker next time.
  3. thank you all very helpful, think I have a bigger problem l looked under dash have old wires cut and hanging loose still hooked to something . the volt meter will discharge when the engine rpm is increased, is there a fuse block on this car? I need to find a wiring diagram.
  4. thank you for the information ,will change cables today then will try and fix lights, just wanted to make sure not to catch it on fire.
  5. will do just wanted to check, my neg cable runs to the engine block
  6. so i should not have a problem if I switch the cables around the neg cable runs to the engine block
  7. new to this , I have a 1952 dodge wayfarer can anyone tell me if this car should have a positive or neg ground, having trouble with stop lights and turn signal lights. thank you
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