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  1. Thanks for your reply. That is a very go thought. There is a Napa dealer in the city next to mine and it has been there a long time. They may be able to give me some info.
  2. I am newbie and have enjoyed reading the post in all categories. I hope I am in the right spot for this question. I have a balkamp 700-1502 dwell tach volt ohmmeter with no instructions. There are three alligator clips red black and blue also has a clamp like a timing light. I have no idea where to start so I can use any bits of knowledge you can share. If someone has any paper work on this I would like a copy. Being new I will tell you I am from north alabama and have a 63 fairlane. I bought it in 1974 as just a work car and through the years it got pushed to the side. But I have retired and this is my new mission. I hope I can learn and contribute.
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