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  1. I just joined up - as part of a down-the-rabbit-hole search for photographs of a 120 year old city laundry building. Don't ask why - but it brought me here, and, well, I have to admit a certain addiction to cars. Here's one we shelter at home most of the year, letting it out only occasionally. No - it's not even close to being a matching-numbers MGA - but it was my oldest brother's pride and joy, purchased used while he was a sailor stationed in Norfolk, Virginia in the late 1960w, run hard, raced, repaired, repainted, reupholstered, and completely stripped down and redone by his hands only from then until multiple myeloma claimed him after a five-year battle in 2010. His widow left it covered in the garage until 2015, when she decided it was time to let it out to hit the roads and shine again. It will stay just like it is, warts and all, lubed and ready and running, until his only son's ready to take it home with him.
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