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  1. i believe its a 9pass. Cool picture for the chrysler accessories
  2. Car has been owned in the family for over 20 years with clean title, its stored in a garage upstate NY, or its been on display at Northeast Classic Car Museum. There are two mechanics that check it out were its store. Miles wise its barley driven but starts up and is able to drive. the car is insure but not registered for the road. No major work and all should be original.
  3. Hey Bernie, Im really not sure what its worth even with my gut feeling. The car was past down from my grandfather and hes long gone so not sure how much he got it for. I hear its rare as its a 3 speed on the floor and pillarless design.
  4. Hello Terry, Ive looked online but all i really see are sedans and the range for those are 10k-14k for that year. I haven't found anything for the wagon yet.
  5. Good Morning All, Question I have a 1961 Chrysler Newport Station Wagon with a 3 speed standard transmission with floor shifter, engine is 361 cu. in. 265HP, trying to get a idea on how much its worth for a private sale. Thanks All
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