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  1. THANK YOU ALL WHO RESPONDED! I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your help regarding these photos. A special thanks to Stude_Light for Kent's name. I reached out to him and he has gotten back to me and has been most generous. Brian
  2. Thank you all! Your answers are spot on and exactly the time period I was thinking (between 1922 and 1925).
  3. Hello AACA members, I was hoping I could get some help identifying this car in the photos below. The photos are of New England landscape artist Robert Strong Woodward sometime in the 1920s. I am just out of my mind and Google weary at this point. It appears to me to be a two-door coupe, no rumble seat (you can see the trunk lid), the door handles are on the right of the door suggesting to me (a novice appreciator of classic cars) that they open in what I know to be "suicide doors". It was always assumed to be a Nash because the artist reportedly owned a '26 and a '29 before moving on to Packard in '31 and '36. For a while I thought it might be an Oldsmobile. But the doors and rear did not match. Then I thought it might be a Stutz Bearcat which I feel match most of the features. Unfortunately, the headlamps do not match at all. Any help would be very much appreciated. Brian Charles Curator for the Woodward Estate
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