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  1. Thanks for the tips, gents. It looks like I'll be investing in a set of dollys if I can't get her to move.
  2. Thank you for the picture, and for the link on how to install the flap. I'm watching it now.
  3. The spare was indeed on the back of the vehicle. I just installed it - easy breezy. Pumping up all four tires to 30psi (just giving my 120v air compressor time to cool off after doing two of them) then I'm going to try to put the car in neutral and roll it out of the garage. Is there a handbrake? Do you guys think it'll be easy to put it in neutral without a key?
  4. Got the new tube in today, going to try to install it inside the existing rim/tire combo I have now. I don't know if there's a spare, going to take a good look in the garage.
  5. Thank you for telling me about them. I went on their website and selected the following: 1928 Dodge 4-128 Standard 475/500-19 Is that the correct sequence for a rear passenger tire for this vehicle? I'm not too concerned about the look, as I'd only like to purchase one wheel for now in order to move the vehicle. So I need to purchase a tube, tire, and rim, correct?
  6. Thanks for the tip. I work with other types of dollies at my day job (moving electrical transformers) so I'll be careful to watch out for that.
  7. Thanks, I ordered the tube you suggested. I wonder if I'd be able to purchase a new tire and rim for it as well? Is that kind of thing extremely hard to find?
  8. Yes, there is a great deal of knowledge on this website and I very much appreciate all the responses. I'll have a look into the A.A.C.A near me, I'm in Los Angeles so I'm sure there's a chapter close by. I just wonder how easily that rim and tire with a new tube blown up will fit back on the spoke.
  9. Thanks for the response! Yes, it appears to be a 19 inch tire. How hard is it to remove the wood spoke? Would it be easier to take the tire and rim to a shop, get it repaired, and then put it back on the wood spoke without ever removing the wood spoke?
  10. Managed to get the tire off. Is it difficult to remove the wood spoke? Can I take this rim into a regular tire shop and have them fix it up for me?
  11. Managed to get three of the four tires pumped up and good, but having major trouble with the rear passenger side. I jacked the car up but it still won't inflate. Does anyone know how I can find out how to go about repairing or replacing the wheel?
  12. I'm really blown away with how helpful you guys are being. Thank you so much. Taylormade, you're absolutely right about the part regarding me not having the skills to take on a project like this. I wish I knew more but I'm not afraid to admit that I'm totally lost here. Another very kind member messaged me privately to let me know where to look up the serial number, which I just did. It appears that it is A-958442. Thanks for the tip about not just rolling it outside under a tarp. The car isn't mine to sell, I was just looking for a ballpark figure so I would hav
  13. Thanks guys. Two grandsons, one here in LA and another in Maine. Neither one of them has expressed any interest in doing anything with the car, although it would be GREAT if they did, as I'd have someone to ship it to. Any idea what it would cost to ship this from Los Angeles to Maine?
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