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  1. O.k. How do ya Mark these sold?
  2. They're new and John from PA. Grabbed so already,sent to him today.
  3. Hello I'll start by saying I'm Nick and I have for sale lights from 1967? I got these for work I did on a 67 wildcat some 30 years ago.Been sitting in my garage so it's time some guy who loves Buicks has them.Looking for $100.00 Let me know.Thanks Nick.p.s. On last pic. Part # is 1379334 the drawing date is 11-1-65 first used 1967-52-64-82 .
  4. I was given these parts as payment for work done on a 1967 wildcat.I've had them for 30+ years in my garage.I would like them to go to a Buick guy who loves Buicks.There is everything needed for install including instructions sheet from Buick. I would like $100.00 if that is o.k.call me @702-203-5035 .
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