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  1. Hello thanks to you and mr Kuser for the detailed information. This is knowledge ! I ve updated my blog post accordingly. I am documenting Laviolette's carreer. Many pilotes were invited in Montreal by Laviolette around 1911-1915. I ll update this post when i am done Thanks to all of you for you time and for sharing this valuable information ! The moto is an Excelsior Twin
  2. i maybe misexplained , the second photo comes from tim kuser s collection. found it on the web. ind like to know if the cars from the 3 images could be the same . for the first image, it could be delorimier park in Montréal Canada
  3. Hello Thanks for your answer. I got this wrong for at least 2 or 3 years ... i ll update my blog post ^^ Anyone would know Tim Kuser ? i seen an interesting photo and i d like more information about it O
  4. Hello all I have a question for you. Here's a photo of Jack Laviolette a hockey player an auto racer. I wrote an article on a blog and first thought this was an american Lafrance. Looking at some old newspapers, i noticed he ran on Mercer cars . Looking into it, i came to change my mind and now think the car is a Mercer, maybe 1911 ? Hood with 3 straps wheels the front of the car Would that make sense ? What do you Mercer owners think ? Would you know of a nice video to replace the one in the article ? thanks for your help
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