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  1. Thanks for the great examples. Certainly better than my brother's idea of NATALIE (Wood) or MARLA (Maples) which would get me in spouse troubles.
  2. I am liking 4MRTREE and TREEHGR please keep them coming
  3. I purchased the 1947 Sportsman I recently asked about and now am looking for great license plate wording. I would love to find something cryptic. My 1929 Model A Roadster pickup is ANA4FRT (An A for effort) and my 29 Rumble seat roadster is DIT DAH (Morse Code for A). There have to be some great ideas out there. I am allowed seven characters and have considered UWOOD2, WOODEYE (Terrible old joke, so no go on this) Please save me from these weak ideas with a winner. Thanks.
  4. I am interested in a Sportsman in Cleveland Ohio. With travel restrictions, I would like to hire an appraiser who either knows the car or who can look for me. Who is out there that knows about Woodies? Thanks.
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