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  1. Interested in antenna and headlight motors. Maybe the tires too. Live in Zanesville Oh and could drive out this afternoon. Still have?
  2. got an email from eastcoastreattaparts.com describing some products they carry for the reatta. They have automatic antennas
  3. Wheel spins with good force. Speedometer registered 24 mph with wheel up. Brake pedal stopped it but locked it again.
  4. (Was the front wheel just windmilling without any real force? ) Seemed to be rotating pretty good. I'll unseat the pads, start it in neutral with the wheels on the ground, and see if I'll need to replace my neighbor's fence
  5. Tried to move car for first time since rebirth. Right front caliper (new) was pressed against rotor. Bled the caliper and wheel released. Started car in park without reseating the pad and everything OK. Started car in neutral and right wheel spun!!! Left wheel fine. Rebled caliper and this time seated the pads. Caliper is again pressing the rotor. Ouch!
  6. Father time's not too kind to all things rubber. Relatively good news! This group is great! Thanks for all your inputs, fellows.
  7. Car ran fine a few minutes before I popped the hood, there was a little rattling I suspected to be a water pump failing. Free play is about 3 inches, with a hard stop on either side. Im a bit nervous about starting the car again. Every pulley including the crankshaft moves. The belt is tight. Timing chain broken?
  8. My 1989 Reatta Coupe (daily driver) had developed a severe negative camber in the rear and, when my oil cooling radiator rusted through I placed the car in storage in 2004 and bought a pickup truck. With the corona business giving me loads of home time, I decided to do a bit of restoration, with the help of this forum. Projects addressed (in order): Bypassed oil cooler. Shot WD40 into cylinders and put 2 gallons of gas in an empty tank. Replaced battery. Engine cranked successfully and spark seen at all cylinders. Time to spend money! Brakes rusted and frozen. Front calipers, rotors
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