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  1. The vibration is only when accelerating from a standstill. It's a bit strange because I can feel it more through the steering wheel rather than the body. I am thinking it is because the hub can flex in the cover because there is no bush in the cover. It doesn't look like it has ever been apart before but as somebody said who knows what has happened to it over the last 60 years. At his stage I am thinking of swapping transmissions with my 58 and see if the vibration goes away. If the vibration goes away ten i think a new converter is in order.
  2. It's a standard Dynaflow but the converter is a different to what is shown in the workshop manual. It is the same s the bottom parts illustration and we were really concerned that there was nothing supporting the first turbine. The parts book shows a bearing for cars up to 1954 and then nothing after that. the clearance between the hub and the bore is too small to ahve a bearing or bush in it so we put it back the way it was when we dismantled it but who knows what has happened to it over the last 60 years. The car has only done 53000 miles but I didn't drive it before I restored so I don'
  3. Yes the rar joint was replaced during the rebuild and the front was checked recently during the transmission rebuild.
  4. All the transmission and engine mounts were replaced.
  5. All the transmission and engine mounts were replaced.
  6. Hi I am new to this group and have just finished restoring a 1959 Buick Electra. The Dynaflow has been rebuilt and I have a vibration under acceleration that I believe is coming from the transmission. During the rebuild we found that the torque converter was entirely different for what was shown in the workshop manual and we had some doubts about some areas of it. The Top image is the same as shown in the manual while the bottom image is the same as the converter i have. I think the problem is caused by the lack of a pilot bearing (item 11 in the bottom image) to support the fro
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