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  1. I need a new cap or someone to rebuild my radiator cap on my 1928 DB Standard Six. Is there any sources out there.
  2. I have been corrected on the title of this thread. I meant 1928 but the ‘ got on the wrong side of the fence. Sorry for not following the rules. Todd B
  3. Is there a source for new or rebuilt generators for my car?
  4. I’m a carpenter so I’m not sure what the pot is. But if you’re talking cylinders it is a six cylinder
  5. Trying to get the flywheel off my 1928 four-door sedan. Removed all six bolts and tapped on it like normal. Kind of even hit it hard, and it still won’t pop off. Am I missing something? Second question does anyone know the cubic inch of this engine? Thanks,
  6. I am trying to pull the transmission and motor out today. The four bolts that hold the transmission to the bell housing, I can turn and turn and they don’t seem to come out. What am I missing?. Thanks for the help in advance. It’s a 1928 four-door sedan.
  7. Thank you very much for the lead. I purchased it today and hopefully will see it by the weekend. I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks again very much appreciate d.
  8. This is the spare wheel I have. The previous owner took the tire off. What kind of rim would this be considered??
  9. This is a picture of the spare wheel I have.This is a picture of the spare wheel I have.
  10. You did give me an idea. I am very active in two different local historical society. One has a huge tool collection, I may run over and see if there’s one of those gadgets in there.
  11. That Is cool!! I live in Marion Wisconsin.
  12. The way I understand what the problem is, my buddy cannot get the rim compressed enough to get the tire off. Will this tire spreader Tool work for that? I am concerned about how hard it is to get off, can’t imagine getting the tire back on without wrecking my paint.
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