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  1. Carlin


    Thanks heaps for that. Likely it is CTL as it was pretty hard to read. I’ve mostly stripped the engine down now and it’s almost ready to pull. I’ll send the block off for testing to see if there’s any damage to it and start ordering parts for the rebuild. Are rebuild kits any good or am I better to buy individual parts from different manufacturers to get the best combination?
  2. Carlin


    Ok so managed to get to the back of the engine where I found the numbers 3970010 and GM and the number 34. From online searching it is either a 302, 327 or 350, 1969-80 era. Is there any way of finding the exact capacity as it isn't the original engine for the vehicle?
  3. Carlin


    Hi all, I'm just starting a rebuild on an engine that was showing signs of rod knock. I believe it's a chevy engine but can't be sure. The numbers stamped into the front passenger side cylinder head are: 12W387535 and V0609OTL. (When I say passenger side I'm just being convenient for you as I'm in New Zealand so it's a right hand drive, so the numbers are stamped on my drivers side but your passenger side). I've tried searching those numbers online to no avail, so there's a possibility they may be incorrect as I had to do a lot of scrubbing to even see them. Any advice or info you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.