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  1. Hello Carbking, Rod L and maok and many thanks for the replies of which i am grateful. I have done a bit of research myself and looking at feedback of people who have fitted the replica Zenith carb, it seems that most people are happy with the fitment. As you say Engines from 200 to 300 cubic inch, one size fits all. The carb has a variable jet which shouldn't be over difficult to dial in. If The engines are gasping a bit on tickover, it should be a straight forward approach to put bigger jets in the idle circuit. I do alot with older motorcycles like BSA Norton and Triumph and have quite a bit of mechanical knowledge and sorting out the carb issues on both Buick's does not phase me at all. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow is the normal sequence of normal aspirated Engines and these motors are not hi tech. I just realized that as i am a Amal Dealer which are common fitted to most British bikes, the parent company which is Burlen also own SU and Zenith https://burlen.co.uk/ I might give them a call. Also i don't think many people on this forum know of an English guy called Phil, who bought a rater dilapidated 1928 Buick sedan which is right hand drive and apparently the right hand drive models were shipped as chassis and engine units from Canada and bodied in Hendon in London as General Motors had a factory there back in the day and Phil did some research to discover a fascinating history of the car from it being owned by a rather wealthy family to it being converted into a machine that pulled a grass cutter on a golf course and it also being shot at by the German Luftwaffe in the war to it being put away in the 1950's and forgotten about till the late 1980's. Phil flipped the manifold on his Buick, then made an adapter and fitted a SU carb and it run's really well. Check out his journey and have a couple of hours spare as it a fascinating read and he keeps doing an update right to the present day https://1928buick.com/ Start at chapter number 1 and keep going to chapter 57 plus 00 is the latest update. Comments are welcome. As tonybuick said on this thread putting the car on a rolling road to set it up is a good idea and i think i will go down that route. I will keep you all updated. Cheers.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been reading this thread regarding fitting a down draft carb to a six cylinder Buick with interest as i have a Brown 1928 Country Club Coupe master six Model 54C 128 Inch Wheelbase and a Blue 1930 Country Club Coupe master six Model 64C 132 Inch Wheelbase and both cars are fitted with the Marvel updraft carburetor. Neither car runs particularly well and rather than rebuild them, i think the way to go is to fit a Zenith Y200 type 28 carb https://carbkitsource.com/carburetors/y200.html The fact that the carb will be on an angle due to the bolt hole pattern won't be an issue as i will make an adapter plate and countersink the screws into the plate and drill and put the carb square to the engine. With a variable jet, it should be straight forward to dial the motor in for the mixture. I just don't rate the marvel carb and as both cars have electric fuel pumps fitted, even set at number one, they still tend to flood. I was told you can overcome this by fitting a SU Float to the bulkhead which will cope with an electric fuel pump and then gravity feed the marvel carb but i feel the downdraft option is the way forward and i am led to believe that in the 1930's when downdraft carbs became available, it was quite a common mod that people used to flip the intake manifold and do the downdraft conversion. I have enclosed a couple of photo's of the cars that i intend to convert to downdraft. Also i wish to fit an air filter, does anyone have any recommendation on those. I am thinking of something like this. https://www.amazon.com/RA-045V-Universal-Clamp-Air-Filter/dp/B00062YNJG Any input on this is welcome. Cheers.
  3. Hello Everyone and thanks for having me in the Forum. I am from England U.K. and i have just took delivery of a rather nice 1930 Buick 64C 132 inch Wheelbase Coupe and the Radiator Cap is rotten, it literally fell to pieces when i tried to unscrew it. The catch underneath to secure the cap was riveted on and is made from stainless and i think that electrolysis with dis similar metal has rotted out the steel in the cap. Does anyone have one or know where i can purchase one. It does look very similar to gas caps on some generators. Any replies are welcome. Cheers. Billy.
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