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  1. Thank you so that would mean the engine is a 233
  2. Ok I measured it and the wheel base is 118” , which would mean series 40 , But Why does it have dual side mounts , and a speedo that reads 120MpH .. from info I’ve collected on the web it states that dual side mounts and a Speedo that reads 120MpH were the bigger cars with a bigger engine.. Century, RoadMaster or 90 .. something ain’t right
  3. I’ll check that .. and can use some help with identifying the engine .. I know there a few different sizes on the in-line 8 ..
  4. need a little help identifying this model and engine size ... 1936 Buick told it was a RoadMaster but I only have a 1/2 a Data tag , engine casting # 43084226 , Speedo says 120MpH which would identify it as a Century, But the casting #’s on the engine block says it’s a series 40.. Thank You in advance