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  1. As mentioned plastic kits are not available for the Zephyr or the Dodge truck. I've managed to find a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr (convertible) and a 1948 Ford pickup in the scale I need (1:32) in die-cast (photos attached) My plan is to take the apart both cars and recast in resin using the die-cast body parts as moulds. I will need to put a roof on the Zephyr to make it a hard top and convert the Ford pickup to look like a Dodge. Question for the experts. Are there any astetic differencences aside from the hard roof I need to be aware of between my 1939 model Zephyr and the 1942 Zephyr in the (original 1942) photo? Thanks Chris London, England
  2. Thanks for the interest and I will post some photos. As I am scratch building the helicopter in 1:32 scale (there are no kits) it will take me some time. I plan to have it completed for the scale modelling nationals in Telford U. K. November. Many thanks to all that have taken time to reply to my questions. You guys are awesome.
  3. Yes. Good tip on the kit bash. I'll look at doing that. Thanks.
  4. Many thanks. Interestingly both new vehicles at the time. I wonder if the Lincoln was a press vehicle.
  5. Hi Enthusiasts, I'm a plastic modeller building a diorama of the attached image of Mr Sikorsky and the VS300 helicopter. I would like to know any information (make, model, year) of the two handsome vehicles in this image. The photo is from Connecticut circa 1941,42. Any help appreciated. Thanks Chris London, England.