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  1. Dear Marty, thank you for the warm welcome, I am glad you like the car. Regarding the added generator I want to maintain the original design, both from a technical point of view and because it is original. You have mentioned McLaughlin too, so I have to properly investigate its possible Canadian roots. But first it has to be reliable runner. Thank you very much Kind Regards Tomas
  2. Dear Larry, Thank you very much for your further help, many useful information and pictures. I really appreciate it. I agree the modified design with the added pulley causes extra lateral load to bushings and moreover does not allow the packing replacement as well as worsens access to spark plugs, so definitely I would like to run with the original generator only. You are right, the original updraft Marvel is replaced by some downdraft Zenith from the later era and the intake manifold is flipped upside down. Carburettor is fed by electric pump instead of War
  3. Hello Ben and Larry , thank you for the warm welcome, I am glad you like the car. Dear Larry, thank you very much for your kind help and many useful information! Interesting idea about McLaughlin Buick, I have to check the car more. Am I right the “top bows” are the roof bars, please? You are absolutely right about the shock absorbers, with knowing the Westinghouse name I was able to recognize their designation on damaged label. Thank you. Regarding the water pump, I am prepared to make a new shaft, condition of the current one is very poor and also to
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Tomas, I live in Slovakia (Europe). I would like to introduce myself and especially our Buick 24-6-49, which my father and me have bought early last year in Italy. As indicated by the type designation it is model 1924, 7 passenger Touring, build on 128 inches wheelbase chassis. According to the engine number the vehicle has been built at the end of 1923 or early 1924, labels at intake and exhaust manifold state the date 17th and 18th October 1923. Chassis nr. is unknown, label is missing. Regarding the vehicle history we only know that it was
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