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  1. I am actually, and those are just a few, make an offer I can’t refuse 😁
  2. Oh, okay, it’s a bike my friend is working on. Would you like a closer look at it?
  3. This is the haul we brought back from the farm. It will take awhile to go through them, but when I’m able to kinda group them by year, I will be sure and post more pictures. Enjoy!
  4. Wow, thank you so much, guys. My friend has tons of these old plates and is in the process of going through them all. I received an offer of 75 for the 1951 plate already, and I believe my friend has several more just like it. I’ll probably post more pictures as we go through them. And any tips of what to look for would be greatly appreciated.
  5. A friend of mine has a quite a few vintage Tennessee license plates and is curious if having them restored effects the value (if any).
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