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  1. Wow many thanks, I have the original Buick manual but these other articles are very helpful, I will have a play this weekend and let you know how I get on.
  2. Hi Rod, yes I know its entire history from day 1, My Wife's Grandmother bought it brand new !!! Ill set up another post with the details and more pics when I Get a moment. oh and yes its Canadian built. not sure if it came through Aussie on the way. cheers Steve
  3. Thanks Morgan, Its not the tyres that are squealing its the brakes! FYI running 600-22 tyres.
  4. Thats true, we have a saying that you have to plan your emergency stops well in advance !
  5. Hi Hugh, Many thanks for the feedback, ive attached a few photos. It makes sense that it should be able to run at 50mph all day but like you It sounds a bit harsh on the poor thing!
  6. Hi All, I have a 2525 standard 6 and its a wonderful car and I've been lucky with quiet brakes for ages but finally the pedal started to get down a bit so I needed to do some adjustment. I followed the manual on this and have a fair bit of vintage experience but now I've got a squealer ! Having trouble figuring out exactly which wheel is causing the noise and its only on the light load as you finally pull up to a stop, fine under heavy braking or at speed. I'm sure ive got a little too much lead or trail on one shoe but struggling to find it. Anyone got any tips or tricks to share? Many Thanks Steve
  7. I have a 2525 standard 6 and find that it cruises comfortably at 45 mph, as mentioned above it will do 50mph no worries but things sound a bit busy under the bonnet. The challenge we have here in New Zealand is that all the modern traffic gets a bit grumpy following at 45mph and I find myself nudging her up to 47 a lot until I can turn off onto a quiet back road. Ive been pondering on ways to get taller gearing to ease the cruise rpm a bit just for those bits of Hi-way that are impossible to avoid. From reading some of the other posts here it seems the interchangeability of crown wheels and pinions is complicated a 4.7:1 or even 4.5:1 would be great. I'm not sure if anyone has any ideas on possible gear combinations or experience running the standard 6 at 50mph / 2500rpm for extended periods? The club I'm in likes to use their old cars rather than polish them and the Buick is a wonderful drive at 45mph in most situations but just another 5mph from time to time would save a lot of stress holding up traffic! Regards Steve
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