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  1. If I owned your car,. IMHO I would have your chrome re-chromed. I will defer to Herm about the rod bearings.
  2. Yeah, I could do that this weekend, but I'll just have to chance it with the main and thrust bearings. I can't do a whole rebuild right away,
  3. Thank you for the pictures Herm111. Your expertise is invaluable.The guy that rebuilt the engine in the early 60's was a local and is long gone, but there is only about 3000 miles on it since. Is it feasible to just do the one rod for now like Tinindian says? Is this something you could do Herm?
  4. PA-96207 Son of a gun, Ive been calling it a PB for decades. I should change the title. Think it went down or up in value?
  5. The block numbers are 314729-2 111831 H
  6. The #2 rod was a little loose and I took off the rod cap see that the side parts of the bearing in the connecting rod had come apart. My question is is it possible to get these bearings inserts or do they have to be made from scratch from poured babbit? The only info I can find on them is the bearing diameter is 2" and the thickness is 1 and 3/8". Also, the bearings appear to have the shape of a main bearing. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  7. The last time I drove the car, It developed a rod knock, and I shut it down immediately. When I remove the oil pan these bearing parts were in the pan.
  8. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I need some advice about PB rod bearings. Here are some pictures of my 31-32 PB as it sits in my garage on jack stands right now.
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