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  1. The crankshaft exchange was done to cars that were already built and imported. The buyer was offered the choice : 18 or 15 HP. The conversion on stock cars did not take days... Erik
  2. The government yearly imposes taxes on all vehicles driving on the national roads. They fabricated a formula based on the weight of the car and the cylinder capacity of the motor. So the "PlySoto" with the 3.6 liter engine was calculated as a HP 18. This was rather expensive for the owner and a drawback selling the cars. At that time my father was employed at Chrysler Antwerp as a "crankshaft and gears"-specialist. Replacing the crankshaft and thus reducing the stroke the cylinder capacity was brought to 2.8 liter. Horsepower felt from 98 to 76 HP. And the
  3. Yes, You are on the right way. P23 12.714.521 identifies him as a '51 - '52 Plymouth Cranbrook built in Detroit. The leading S makes him a "PlySoto" : equipped with a DeSoto grille and other ornaments. The PlySoto's grille had 7 teeth, a regular DeSoto's had 9 teeth. It was a 1951 model. On my first driving lesson given me by my father, I stalled the motor releasing the clutch. My father shouted : "HANDBRAKE !!!". Then I released the handbrake by the chromed handle. 1952 models had a plastic break handle. So the first thing has
  4. It was no diesel ! But You are hot. Erik
  5. In 1955 my father bought a used DeSoto : see invoice attached. Since the document is in dutch, I give You the translation. Merk = Make Type = Type Kleur = Color N° moteur = Motor number N° chassis = Chassis number Uitboring = Bore Slaglengte = Stroke Cylinders = Cylinders Cyl. Inhoud = Cylinder capacity HP = Tax class Gewicht = Weight Banden = Tyres There are 2 odd things about this DeSoto. The first is rather well known and good decribed in the history of the DeSoto brand. The second odd thing is not
  6. Eve

    Unknown car

    Gentleman, Thanks a lot for this identification. Greetings from Flanders, Erik
  7. Unknown model. Who knows more ? Erik.
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