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  1. Late to the thread, but you still need to engage the starter and ring gear. That is part of what the foot control does, not just a switch.
  2. RockAuto has the repair manual for 38 PT-57, if that is the correct one. Mine has the wiring diagrams in it.
  3. Serial Number 81157575 Year 1946 Make Dodge Model WC Engine 217.76 Flathead Six Wheelbase 116 Rating 1/2 Ton Engineering Code T112 Plant Detroit, Michigan Build Number 36418
  4. https://dcmclassics.com/body-parts/60-b-523-rear-bumper.html
  5. Serial Number 90030008 Year 1944-45 Make Dodge Model DD-1S Engine 218.06 Flathead Six Wheelbase 116 Rating 1/2 Ton Engineering Code T112 Plant Windsor, Ontario Build Number 382
  6. Valve covers look like BB Mopar.
  7. It's not really very hard, so I'm surprised, but then I guess the market is pretty small. Hand winding coils of various designs is pretty easy. You just need the size (gauge) of the wire they originally used. Unwind the two sides counting the number of turns. There will probably be a large size wire on the primary and very small on the secondary. They probably soldered the wires to the connection points. After that it's just potting the whole thing back into the housing. I know that's intimidating for someone who hasn't done this type of work for 40 years, but the information is available online to help you. It's just time. But nothing wrong with sending it to someone you trust either. To get the thing apart use Nitromethane to dissolve the potting compound. For something that old, it's probably varnish like GE Varnish. We still use that for coils where I work all the time.
  8. Late to the game, but after 1971...it wasn't a Hemi. Not until the more modern gen ones were introduced.