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  1. That is not a VIN. Check this out: http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/vin/model.htm
  2. Just in case you wanted to upgrade, the spindle was the same bearings as a 1/2 ton truck.
  3. Got it on it's wheels so I can not set the drive shaft angle...drive shaft is connected. I also moved the rubber to hardline transition from the old axle to the new one...it's not in this picture. Then I reconnected the rubber line to the axle. I'll have to remove that to pull the axle for final welding, but this is mockup right?
  4. Mainly documenting this on P15 website, but I did finally get the last part I needed to bolt the rear axle into place. I'll fine turn the u-bolts and perches, then tack weld them in place. Once their position (and the drive shaft angle) are set and secure, I'll pull it back out from under the truck to do the full welds. The rear end has been centered by measuring from the backing plates to the outer edge of the leaf springs. It's pretty close to perfect.
  5. Parts are removed and available to anyone. If not takers, I'll drop them off at the salvage yard. The only think missing is the cotter pins, washer and spindle nut. The cotter pin is NEVER reused, but the washer and castle nut were.
  6. I purchased the Scarebird kit and have been installing it. The ID on the rotors (ones listed on their parts list) are too small to fit over the hubs they sent, so I'm machining them slightly to fit. No big deal, but something they should have known about. I bought some 5 on 4.5 to 5 on 5 wheel adapters also, so I can use the stock 3/4 ton wheels and hub caps. I end up with plenty of room inside the fenders. The wheel adapters are 1-1/4 inch thick. Still haven't mounted the calipers, not until I can install the rotors. I also purchased a Toyota master cylinder that is a bolt in. I might need to shorted the push rod (information from someone who has done this already), but that give me the double circuit master...disk front, drum rear. I'll need to do some plumbing of the lines, but we've all done that before. Can't wait to get the front done and have the truck back on it's tires again. Then, it's on to the rear axle.
  7. I'm upgrading my brakes to disks. You arrange the shipping and you can have to whole enchilada for free. Backing plates to drums. I'll even put the wheel bearings and cap in the box if you'd like. They seem fine on the drivers side, haven't opened the other side yet.
  8. Drum to drum axle assembly from my 1946 WD15. The drivers side axle seal was leaking, but otherwise no issues. I'll be pulling it and will have a small pallet to load it on. You arrange shipping and it's yours. If nobody takes it, once the truck is running on it's new rear end, I'll be dropping it off at a local salvage yard.
  9. I'm swapping in a Jeep 8.25 rear axle and Scarebird front disk kit on my WD15. I will have the complete drum to drum rear axle and the backing plate to drum front brakes available to anyone who wants to arrange the shipping. The front brakes have 1.25 inner and .75 outer bearings. I don't know for sure if that is the same size as 1/2 ton, or if the previous owner swapped the spindles, but that's the 1/2 ton size for the Scarebird conversion. Contact me if you need these parts. I'll have a small pallet my new rear came on for that part of things. You arrange the shipping and they are yours.
  10. It was as promised and should be a quick rebuild. I sure wish I could say something nice about them.
  11. Finally got the rear end delivered today. I am looking at it over the security camera. You heard what my experience with this vendor was. You decide if you'd give them a shot.
  12. Still no further word from B&R. No rear axle either. Stay well clear of them!
  13. Yes. He had a delivery invoice for a 1995 Jeep Cherokee rear axle assembly. On the pallet was an automatic transmission. I also contacted PayPal, since that's how I pay for most things these days. That immediately sends a copy to the vendor. Within hours I got a call from Mike at B&R. They had found the axle he said and it was on the way to my house. Funny they didn't call me when this occurred. I'll let you know how this works out. It took them a week to figure out that the customer who was expecting an automatic transmission, that shipped the very day my axle did...and was missing his transmission, got my axle. Call me crazy, but that's the very first thing I would have checked, and it wouldn't have taken me a week to do so. BTW. I found a 97 axle that including shipping was going to be $90 cheaper. 97's have 29 spline axles rather that the original 27 spline. That was what I was going to get if the B&R one never happened. Pays to look a bit longer I guess. Hopefully this all works out and I'm just out the week of time. Not like I have been waiting to drive the truck as I have other upgrades to do before that, like front disks and a master cylinder.
  14. Several weeks ago I ordered a 95 Jeep Cherokee rear end for my truck from B&R. Seemed like a good price and the shipping was OK. About a week later the delivery truck arrived on schedule. Unfortunately the driver had someone's automatic transmission rather than my rear axle. The documents even said 96 Jeep rear axle. He closed the door and drove off. I contacted B&R via phone and let them know what had happened. The lady on the other end seemed shocked and told me she would figure out what happened. I got a call back from them to confirm I had not had the incorrect part delivered. Of course not. Over the next week I contacted them several times asking where my axle was. I was told to wait for them to call me. Another week passed and I still have heard NOTHING from them. I sent them an email requesting a full refund of the purchase and shipping charges, $430.12. It's still early, but I have not heard from them yet. At this time I have zero confidence in this company. Zero communication, no part. They got paid, but they did not deliver. Used extreme caution if you chose to do business with B&R Auto Wrecking. They use the website www.autowreckingdotcom. BEWARE!
  15. Never noticed the error....it is a 3 speed transmisson.
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