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  1. Thanks, but I'm a Mopar man.
  2. Never noticed the error....it is a 3 speed transmisson.
  3. The transmission was rebuilt by the previous owner and came with my 1946 Dodge truck (3/4 ton). I believe it is the same 3 spd used behind all 1939 to 50 something flathead 6 (23 inch at least). It has not been used and is fresh from the rebuilder. A bit dusty. The case is marked C-35661.$250 or reasonable offer. I also have a bellhousing available if needed.
  4. Nearly 100% original, this truck has a 230 flathead from a 58 D100 currently, however I have the original engine disassembled to be rebuilt. The previous owner also added 6V windshield wipers, however I rebuilt the vacuum motors and have them. There is a second rebuilt but never installed 3 spd transmission. The previous owner did a restore, but the paint job is a definite 10 foot paint job. The electrical was rewired with a reproduction wiring harness and everything works. The gauges were rebuilt I am told, and function perfectly. I have a folder with the documentation he kept. Al
  5. I am not experienced with selling items of this vintage. I know what it costs to rebuild one, so I thought the price was OK. Please advise me if the price is outrageous. Thanks.
  6. I have a rebuilt transmission complete and ready to install. This is the 3 spd transmission used in the 1939- I'm not sure Dodge trucks. It came with my WD-15, but has not been used as the one in the truck is also in good condition. $350 plus the shipping. Located in San Diego, CA 92139
  7. Don't need to be from a Barracuda, or from a 64 to work.
  8. I bought some kits that were for early Ford motors (vac) from Eckler Auto Parts. The gaskets were an exact match to the ones for my 46. Search for vacuum motor rebuild kits and you might find that gaskets for them are pretty similar in that era.
  9. I bought a new 6V fan motor for my Mopar Deluxe Model 31. It was for a Chevy, but was almost an exact match. You might try searching their site. Never know when something close will work.
  10. I have a 218 that came originally in my 1946 WD15. I believe it had around 65K on it when it last ran. I have disassembled the motor. There was around .005 ridge, so I think the mileage was low. I used a Snap-On ridge reamer to remove the pistons. There was almost zero wear on the cam lobes. I have a distributor that may or may not be correct (my truck currently has a 58 230 in it). I have the bell housing, flywheel and a clutch and pressure plate that are both used (maybe used up?). There is one head bolt that broke off during disassembly. The manifolds seem fine and were also removed by
  11. Posting to two different forums is a PIA, so I"m going to stick with the P15-D24.com thread. I am of course a member here, but I spend a bit more time over there and I started all this there too. I've kept the topic going with a new thread specific to the restoration: https://p15-d24.com/topic/53451-restoring-a-mopar-deluxe-model-31-heater/ If posting a link like that is a violation of some kind, please let me know and I'll take it down. I feel the more information we share and more places to find it only helps our hobby.
  12. More rust removal...the easy way. You can see the paint is mostly gone, as well as the rust. My setup wasn't working as well as it could, so I rebuilt it. Today I'm putting that same part back in to finish the job. I'm getting 2.5A of current so I'll pull it after one hour and put the next piece in. I never took a before picture of that part, but here is one of the other side of the main body. It's not really that bad at all, but when I'm done it will be clean metal ready to paint.
  13. There is a good demo on YouTube. All information as well as a walk thru are there.
  14. Yesterday I got started on the sheet metal for the heater box. To clean up the rust, I'm using electrolytic rust removal. I bought some rebar j-hooks, wired them together and put them into a 5 gallon pail. I'll need a bigger container for some larger parts, but that's what I had today. I bought some steel wire to hang the parts, and make the other electrical connection. Unfortunately the ad said nothing of it being galvanized, which is bad. No problem, a soak in some vinegar and the zinc coating was completely removed. I used a bench power supply with a 4 Amp rating for this first go
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