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  1. Internal photos of clock including serial number
  2. Backside of clock I have in my possession.
  3. I have one intact but it's not functional. Has been in my wife's family since the 30's. Wife's grandfather mounted it into piece of leather so he could have memento of his favorite car. But we are willing to sell it.
  4. From the story my wife told me is that the clock came from her grandfather's favorite car and has been in the family ever since. We've had it in our possession from her parents for close to 15 years. I looked up auction records and only found 1 listing from 2009 sale in europe. Trying to find it's value is kinda hard.
  5. I have one of those, it's not functional it has been sitting in our curio cabinet for over 10+ years. Just happened to find your post as I was looking for a value for the clock.
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