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  1. Thanks Greg, but I don't plan on actually racing that often, since school and academics get in the way. I was thinking about just doing some occasional trackdays/races around NY, so tyres probably won't be a massive issue. The only thing is I hope to one day race in some form of endurance race with my mates, and a sports/supercar is more suited for that than a formula car. That and I want to build a sports/supercar.
  2. A little something like this? https://erepairables.com/salvage-cars-auction/chevrolet/corvette/vid-34923589
  3. What about a salvage-titled modern sports/supercar to build for club racing/trackdays?
  4. I'm perfectly fine with that. I told my mother the other day that the first thing I plan on doing when I graduate from college is to hop on a plane to England, and I'll work my rear wing off trying to get a job at a F1 team.
  5. SC38DLS, I certainly plan on finishing school and going to college. I'm trying really hard in school and I hope to one day be a F1 car designer, like my hero Adrian Newey.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, guys, but I wanted an aesthetically nice car, and I don't really like the VW or the Karmann. I was thinking along the lines of a 1960s early-gen Mustang, or some other fast but cheap car. *Sorry if I'm being picky.
  7. Actually, I'm located on Long Island, and I'll try to make it to the Festival.
  8. Hi guys, I'm Vincent, currently a freshman in high school. I absolutely LOVE automobiles, and I hope to one day work for a Formula One team. (Preferably McLaren or Mercedes). I'd like to restore a vintage sports car, but being a high schooler, I am on a quite limited budget. I have access to all the equipment and tools I need. I love vintage sports cars, and I'd like a car that I could find unrestored for less than 5K. Thanks guys!