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  1. That was kinda my thought process. If it was easy to do I'd just change them. Just wasn't sure if some weird gear set was out there someone had discovered would drop in. If it's not I can find an old ford rear end But you're exactly on to what I'm trying to do. All old parts like they would have done in the 40's and 50s.
  2. Has anyone ever changed rear axle gears in a willys knight 70b rear end? I have a rolling frame that I was going to turn into a speedster with an old ford flathead v8 but I dont really want to run 60mph at 3500 rpm. I believe factory ratio was around 5:1. I'd like to get high 3's if I could.
  3. We might have a winner here from looking at pictures of 70B sedans. Serial number would correlate as well.
  4. One has the chrysler gothic C. The other is this which I haven't identified.
  5. I recently just picked up this running gear. I have wanted to build a Speedster for some time and this frame and wheels was just too good to pass up whether I use it for that purpose or not. When looking at it I think it's a Chrysler frame. I'm not sure because I read that the Chryslers all had hydraulic brakes. And this one most certainly does not . It has a tag on it that is 70B114 23. Would this be a 70 series frame? Can a person tell what body was on it from that?