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  1. From the research I've done it seems Harry Stutz left Stutz motor company in 1919, so I figured this was part of his pre production process before producing his first 1920 HCS. It's definitely an awesome piece! Thanks for your information!
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-ORIGINAL-1919-DRAWING-Emblem-Zwick-HCS-Special-Motor-Car-Company-Stutz/163817694796?hash=item26244ba64c:g:bVkAAOSws0ldU2tq That's the link. I definitely priced it up just to make sure I protected myself from giving it away before I found out more information! Thanks!
  3. Hi guys! I've been trying to figure out some more information on a drawing I found recently. This is an original design drawing for the HCS Special. The back has "motormeter" written in pencil or crayon? Signed Zwick? I have it currently listed on eBay but I'm trying to add some information for buyers! Any help would be wonderful!
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