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  1. Dave that's brilliant! with the info you gave me I worked it out. here goes: Starting from the car 333 before me E116YH 100 cars later E117YH 100 cars later E118YH 100 cars later E119YH 10 cars later E119SH 10 cars later E119LH 10 cars later E119EH 3 cars later E119ES That's our car! So definitely a 9 Great to know you have 98% of the parts, we will definitely be interested, but first we need to finalise the car's purchase, that will be done within the next two weeks I expect. The car is already in our workshop so we are almost there... I am off for a week's holiday tomorrow in Malindi on the Indian ocean so we'll resume this talk after Monday 19th. Please let me know if you want to communicate off the forum (email or whatsapp or Skype) Many thanks for helping me unravel the puzzle. One last thing this car has hydraulic brakes, is that original or just another bodge? The master cylinder is a Toyota item... Have a great week-end! J-P
  2. Hi Dave, The spare wheel has indeed the second type hub that you said it should have. I also took some pics of the underside of the car, the rear lever arm shock absorbers are not connected, possibly confirming the rear axle is wrong. The handbrake is at the rear of the gearbox, which I think is 4 speed as reverse is offset to the right. Maybe the whole drive train (engine g/box and rear axle) comes from a T110L Dodge truck...
  3. Hello Dave, That's fascinating! What are the serial numbers of the car just before ours and the car just after ours in your database?
  4. Dave what I meant if the sequence goes E11 8ES, E11 8ET, E11 8EU, then the 4th digit 8 would be there for some time and comparison with a car of a close manufacturing date would help. But maybe there is no such sequence!
  5. Hi Dave I will check the rim profile tomorrow. Regarding the medallion, the camera was on highest setting, but I can try with my tablet. I was hoping the date of manufacture could solve the question, not sure how the sequence runs...
  6. Now regarding the wheels, the spare wheel is 18 inch with a 550-18 tyre and a PCD of 6" The front drums have also 6 studs with 6" PCD and they have been fitted with crude adapters to tale the .. 17" 5 hole wheels. At the back the drums have 5 studs with a smaller PCD and they too have been fitted with crude adapters to take the 17" 5 hole wheels. This leads me to believe the car was originally fitted with 18 inch 6 hole wire wheels, with a rear mounted spare. The spare wheel carrier is somewhat crude and may have been re made. I could see no sign of the front wings ever having cut outs for spare wheel(s) I also think that the whole rear axle is not original... So I will have a lot to do to return the car to its correct spec!
  7. Unfortunately my medallion is not pristine and it is a bit hard to read the serial number... My guess is E110ES but maybe if you know the sequence for that period you can confirm?
  8. Many thanks Dave, I agree this is a very beautiful car, and the idea of a straight 8 appeals immensely, I will check that FEDCO medallion and revert. J-P
  9. L have just realised the engine number starting with T110-L means it comes from a Dodge Truck!
  10. Here is an update, yes it is a DC8, the 8 on the radiator badge is a giveaway, plus the huge gap between cylinder head and the recess in the bulkhead. I attach more pics including chassis plate and its serial number. I assume the gearbox is wrong too as the bellhousing is too far forward. I would like to know the year of manufacture, what the 6 cylinder engine + gearbox is from too. Some pics of a correct DC8 engine bay would be great. Then we will be looking to return it to its original state, probably looking for a suitable donor car in the USA... The headlamps are Hellas from Germany that must be wrong too! J-P
  11. Thank you all for your replies, I will come back with more pics and info this afternoon. J-P
  12. Hello, I look after a collection of classic cars in Kenya and we have just added our oldest car so far, a 1929 Dodge Brothers. It is in reasonable condition, running and driving but of course as we improve it we will need some spares. The tyres for a start look way too small (525/550-17} what should be the correct size? I have known about that car for over 25 years so I am well pleased about finally getting it! I believe it is the only one in Kenya... Is there a recommended person or company for getting spares? Thank you in advance! J-P