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  1. Looking for the following for '37 Zephyr: Hood Latch One inner door handle One taillight bezel One taillight spring retainer.
  2. Co-Worker helped figure it out. The appear to be outer seat back stops. Missing from the image I had.
  3. Still working on the '37 Zephyr project. I have a pair of parts that I have not determined what they are for. Anyone recognize these? Looks like a right and a left but, I cannot figure out what they are.
  4. Has anyone refinished their trunk lift supports? If so what did you do? The ones on the car I am working on need to be done. They appear to have some sort of galvanized coating or, maybe it is a silvery paint. Thanks
  5. More questions. Anyone have any tips for installing the side moldings on a '37 Zephyr grill? It appears that they just push over/snap on but, I have tried pushing them on but, they do not want to go. I do not want to damage them.
  6. Looking for trunk/deck lid weather stripping/seal. I have a few options from Steele Rubber and Restoration Specialties.any of you?What has worked for you?
  7. Thanks for the photos!! I found the spring in the misc. parts box! Now I know how to install it too!
  8. Update. Found handle in the pile of parts.
  9. Thanks. Those seem to be MIA. Could you shoot me a photo of yours?
  10. Woops. Guess that would help a little. 37 Zephyr coupe.
  11. Does anybody know what is supposed to hold the driver side glove box lid closed? I have a knob that is retained by one screw on the inside of the glove box door and nothing else. Is there supposed to be some sort of detent? The psgr. side has the lock that twists into a slot in the dash but, I have nothing for the other side.
  12. I need some info. or, pictures on how/where the door seals install. I do not have the old seals and did not take them off. If somebody would be so kind as to post up a pic or, two of the outside of their door showing the seals I would appreciate if very much. I have looked around the net but, have not found any good photos. I got supplied the seals by the shop from Pat Walsh restorations. The foam seal seems to make sense for the door perimeter makes sense but, the other rubber seal with the wide flat part and small circular part does not. Has anybody used these?? Does any one know how the bottom part supposed to work??