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  1. I need some info. or, pictures on how/where the door seals install. I do not have the old seals and did not take them off. If somebody would be so kind as to post up a pic or, two of the outside of their door showing the seals I would appreciate if very much. I have looked around the net but, have not found any good photos.
  2. Thanks Paul. I think I can make something close since it is not some fancy die cast chrome thing. All that is missing is the curved loopy part.
  3. I am working on the restoration of a1937 coupe and it is missing the seat adjust lever. Could someone please take a photo of their lever so, I can get an idea of what it looks like or, if anyone has for one for sale let me know.
  4. It is a car being built by Austin Speed Shop. I guess you could call it a street rod. I do not see what difference it makes what you call it. More of a hot rod but, sure not an original type restoration! It is a '37 that will be powered by a 4 Duce "56 Lincoln 368 Y block with a 700 4R trans, 9 inch Ford rear end, 4 link with coil overs, manual rack with coil overs on the front. Anyhow, I figured out all the dash stuff.
  5. More on project Zephyr at Austin Speed Shop. Again, this is not my car but, a build I was assigned to. It was put together by other people, blown apart and painted and my task is to put it back together. The people that did all the previous work are not longer there, and no one seems to know much about what is what. I am not an old Ford guy so, this is quite a challenge for me. I am having a hard time determining what went where originally in the dash. I found the attached pic and added the text to show what I believe is the correct id. of the knobs. Am I right? Also, it has an odometer reset cable with a small knob, where is that supposed to be placed?
  6. Hello, new guy here. I recently got a job @ Austin Speed Shop and was assigned the task of working on a build of a 36 Zephyr coupe. The guys that took it apart and did the work that is done are no longer around. So, nobody there knows anything about all that. I have a pile of parts, a bunch of bolts and what not in baggies, but, not pictures or, anything else. I need information on body mechanical assembly. Things such as window regulators, parking brake lever, hood latch etc. Does the factory repair manual show this stuff? All the suspension/drive train/ electrical/ is modern hot rod kinda stuff so, that is not a problem. I can buy a reproduction manual but, don't want to if does not have the info I need. So, looking for advice as to where to find this info. -Thanks!