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  1. Anyone know what steering columns Checker used in 1966 for it's marathon cabs?
  2. I lost the info/link I had to a website I had found that had images of car dahes with an index so, you could look up almost any dash by year make and model. Anyone have a link or, even know what I am refering to? I cannot seem to find it. It was by a gentelman who had compiled a huge amount of photos. I would sure like to find it again.
  3. Looking for a procedure to remove the front door glass on a 1950 series 62 with hydro-letrics. I have not had any success searching online.
  4. What is the purpose of the spring(s) that go over the gas tank mounting bolts? How many of the bolts had springs from the factory? Installing a new tank, the old one only had one bolt with a spring. Thanks!
  5. Looking for the following for '37 Zephyr: Hood Latch One inner door handle One taillight bezel One taillight spring retainer.
  6. Co-Worker helped figure it out. The appear to be outer seat back stops. Missing from the image I had.
  7. Still working on the '37 Zephyr project. I have a pair of parts that I have not determined what they are for. Anyone recognize these? Looks like a right and a left but, I cannot figure out what they are.
  8. Has anyone refinished their trunk lift supports? If so what did you do? The ones on the car I am working on need to be done. They appear to have some sort of galvanized coating or, maybe it is a silvery paint. Thanks
  9. More questions. Anyone have any tips for installing the side moldings on a '37 Zephyr grill? It appears that they just push over/snap on but, I have tried pushing them on but, they do not want to go. I do not want to damage them.
  10. Looking for trunk/deck lid weather stripping/seal. I have a few options from Steele Rubber and Restoration Specialties.any of you?What has worked for you?
  11. Thanks for the photos!! I found the spring in the misc. parts box! Now I know how to install it too!
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