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  1. Hi everyone, I have been watching these forums for technical advice for at least 10 years, but finally decided to join. I have a 1963 Riviera that I have had since I graduated high school. I've done 99% of all the repairs/upgrades/retrofitting myself. My starter recently started sticking, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to a high torque mini starter. I bought it from a nailhead expert on Ebay, so I have no doubt that it is the correct fit. He did send me a pigtail with the starter to attach the starter wire and resistance wire. This is where I am confused. I could be wrong but from what I remember the starter only has two wires going to it, purple wire and hot from the horn relay junction. This is also what the wiring diagram shows. I have upgraded the distributor to the Breakerless SE ignition sytem. I have also replaced the wiring harness from a donor car because there was a small engine fire prior to me owning it and it was spliced in multiple places. My first question is do I need to run a jumper to connect the resistance wire from the + on the coil to the starter? Second question is does the 63 Riviera have a stock ballast resistor? All the wiring diagrams I have seen don't show the ballast resistor. The previous owner had an old Sun Tach installed with the control box. I am wondering if the ballast resistor was installed with the Tach and control box. Is the ballast resistor necessary if the resistance wire is present? Sorry for all the questions, I would rather measure twice and cut once. I also don't want to create a short and have to find replacement harnesses. Not only is it harder to find parts for 63-65 Rivieras, but much harder to find parts for the 63. Thanks a bunch in advance God Bless, Linochi0
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