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  1. While digging around in my back yard, where I have lived for 45 years in Washington, D.C., I found a Jewett radiator badge. I Googled Jewett and discovered the history of the Jewett car. here was a sales distributor at the corner of 16th St and U St NwW,which is a few blocks from me. I live in what used to be a well-educated, high class African-American area near Howard University. I would like to celebrate the existence of the Jewett car and its sales location. Does anyone know if there are any large posters or sales brochures that are available? I may have a "historical marker" made for the street area in front of the building, and I may like to place posters or copies of posters in the window of the building which is a medical clinic now. Marcy Logan 1767 Swann St Nw Washington, D.C.
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