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  1. Thanks Oldtech. I'll track the battery cable and see if there is a bad connection.
  2. Thanks Rock10, Oldtech and Buick35. I have the starter switch under the accelerator. There is no electrical current when I press the accelerator to the floor.
  3. Gentlemen, I have a 1935 Buick Special 46C. Shortly after the big freeze in Texas I started the car. After the starter dragged a little it started and ran well. I went back two weeks later and tried to start the car. The starter made a one second crank and then nothing. The gauges did not work, the headlights did not work, nothing worked. It was dead. I changed out the battery to a spare 6 volt I have and again nothing. I put a voltmeter on the old battery and it was still showing 6.25 volts so no problem with the battery. I think it is a blown fuse of some type. Any thoughts?
  4. Greg, mine came from the Volo Car Museum. An estate out of Missouri was selling off the car collection. Here is the car. Painted in original Raleigh Blue. Convertible with a rumble seat. Trunk has custom fit luggage. Send a picture of yours. John P. BCA # 50690
  5. Greg, the more I look at my Stromberg carburetor the more I see it has been modified by the previous owners. The car came from north of Chicago so starting the car on frozen mornings probably required a choke. In Texas now I don’t need to use it much. Thanks for the comments. John BCA #50690
  6. Gentlemen, all good advice. Here is what I did and the results. First, I pulled the in-line fuel filter (between the gas tank and the fuel pump). It was full of gunk and trash. I replaced this with a new one. The car immediately started but then died after about a minute and would not restart. Then I pulled the air breather and checked the carburetor. Two problems. The flapper or choke was frozen in almost a closed position. No wonder it would not start. I pulled the choke knob on the dash and could barely get it to move. Crawling under the dash I found that the choke cable was bent
  7. Gentlemen, This morning my 1935 Buick Special 46C started well and ran well for about an hour. Then at a stoplight she died and would not restart. After trying to crank for a few minutes I stopped at which point a local police officer instructed me I had to move the car or it would be towed. I cranked it again and she started and was able to move her about 50 yards to a parking lot where again she stalled. After cranking a few times the 6 volt battery failed and I had her towed home. After switching in a spare battery I tried to restart. Although several times the engine came c
  8. Gentlemen, My 1935 Buick Special 46C has been stalling when I come to a stop. I have bumped the idle up and that seems to help. It has been suggested that I run a can of carburetor cleaner through the gas tank to clean out the carburetor jets. Has anyone done this? Any issues with it damaging a 1935 car engine? Does this work? Thanks in advance for any advice. John P. BCA #50690
  9. Gentlemen, I have a 1935 Buick 46C. It is a convertible with a rumble seat. It also has a large trunk mounted on a platform hanging off the back bumper. Does anyone know if the trunks were factory installed or were they an aftermarket item? My trunk seems a little large for the space. In looking on line, pictures of model 46C's show a slightly smaller trunk. But the trunks I see on model 66s look the same as mine. Is it possible that my trunk was actually designed to fit the slightly larger model 66? Or is it possible that the first owner bought the trunk from an after market manufactu
  10. Gentlemen, I have a 1935 Buick Special 46C. It has the luggage trunk mounted to the back of the car. It hangs above the bumper on a platform. I am having difficulty getting the fuel spout into the gas tank. I have looked at the platform which holds the trunk with a couple of large screws and with two large, chrome wing nuts (one on each side). I am hoping there is a way to swing this forward so I don't have to take the entire platform apart and remove the trunk. Any ideas? John P. # 50690
  11. Jim, Thanks for the tip. I will check with the "Jesser" key guy. John
  12. I am a first year Buick Club member. BCA# 50690. I have a 1935 Buick Special 46C. I have been told there are only 15 of these left. I am trying to find other owners of 1935 Buick Special 46C's. Is there a membership directory or a listing of cars by owner that I can access? Thanks for your help. John P. #50690
  13. Donlock, Do you have blanks for the keys for my 1935 Buick Special 46C? Here are pictures of the keys front and back? Thanks in advance. John P. #50690
  14. Buick35, Here is your picture. Josephine, which is her name, was a frame off restoration done well over 10 years ago. She is a 46C Convertible with a rumble seat. The trunk has custom fit luggage from 1935. The engine is a straight eight of 230 cubic inch generating 92 hp. The color is Raleigh Blue which is the original color. Currently I have Josephine in a paint shop getting some touch up work done. Thanks for your interest. John P. #50690
  15. Jon, What great info. Thanks for taking the time to type this up. I will give it a try once I get my Buick back. Currently, she is in a paint shop getting some touch up work done. In two weeks when I get her back I will take up the carburetor and idle issue. Thanks again. John P. #50690
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