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  1. Would you happen to know anything about the window assembly and how to fix it?:) If so, i could get cracking on that as well:) Im not allowed to post any more today, but do you also have any spare freeze plugs? (I think PM should work so we can continue the chat there:))
  2. Yeah he did a pretty good job. Was repainted a while back, and is all together:) Only thing that is left after the cooling system overhaul is to fix the windows, they are very finicky and they really dont want to stay in place, really risky to roll them all the way down haha. Thinking about getting new glass as well because they are starting to look really ugly. The only thing wring with the car has been a gas leak which i fixed a couple of weeks back, and this cooling system. We took the radiator out and sent it to get refurbished, so now the only thing remaining is this:) It was quite funny to take a good look in the engine bay, because a lot of the cooling system is custom made by my grandpa. Looks like he bought the wrong thermostat housing and had to make it work, also the dynamo is not oem. But when the rad gets back and i get a new thermostat housing and thermostat, it'll be done and ready to enjoy. Getting my driverslicense next year (in Norway you have to be 18), so cant wait to take it for a cruise
  3. Is there a torque spec for these bolts? (water pump and thermostat housing). Or just tight enough haha
  4. I'm not allowed to post more photos i guess. I do have some more, of the thermostat housing and the plaque inside the engine bay
  5. What do you mean by 248 water pump (is it just the # of the pump?) Will the thermostat housing include the plug for the heater assembly. I think thats what the hole on the side of the housing if for anyway. But i don't have the heater so i'll have to plug that hole off. How much would you charge for everything?:) Would you also happen to have a gasket for the water pump?
  6. Thanks a lot, would it be possible to get the mesurements of the bolt holes, distance between the holes and the size of the "water hole"? (btw what is the part number for the one on the right?) Would it be better to buy a new one with the by-pass valve intact, or is it better to just eliminate it by doing the modification you were talking about? Thanks again
  7. Hello, I’m having some trouble finding the correct assembly for my 1940 Buick special s40. My problem is not that i cannot find the parts but rather the parts that say they are for my specific model are not correct. You see the boltholes for the outlet from the engine are side by side, not across like the housings that say they are correct. My grandpa actually bought the «correct» one but had to do some janky welding and fixing to make it work. And according to my research it looks like the s50-60-70 thermostat housing would fit or the one for 1941-1947 all models. Also, is it possible to run the system without the pressure valve? or would that cause damage to the water pump by letting water flow from both the radiator and directly from the engine. Maybe it would cause the car to overheat due to the water wanting to go directly to the water pump from the engine rather that through the radiator? Thanks - Lasse "correct" assembly: The one i think would fit: