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  1. Link below to the Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace / May 24, 2018 article https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/car-of-the-week/car-week-1964-ford-country-squire
  2. Thank you Gunsmoke for your encouraging words, my dad would have been very pleased with your assessment. The car has definitely had allot of hours of elbow grease applied to it's paint job. I had an article about the car appear in the Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace / May 24, 2018 issue.
  3. Lots of room under the hood for sure. The 289 is surprisingly peppy without having to drive any accessory pumps or lost slippage through the inefficient automatic transmissions of the era. The car averaged between 17 to 18mpg according to my dads log book and I remember on the trip back to New Mexico he averaged 23mpg on one fill up (it is always nice having a strong tail wind).
  4. The 64 galaxie's were the last of the round rocket tail lights which i love.
  5. After living in my Dad's garage for 53 years I was forced to move my dad's 64 squire out of it's comfy garage. The car itself has less than 34K miles and has been spoiled like a baby all of it's life by first my dad and now myself. It sports a 289 with 3 on the tree and power nothing in it's rich Chantilly beige metallic factory paint just as it was special ordered back in April of 64. The fake wood sides look just as fresh as the day they cut down the fake trees to make them. It also has it's original paperwork and gas/maintenance logs which have been saved as well. It also has the
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