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  1. Believe I saw this about 40 yrs ago - early 1980's. The rear wheel tread has always stuck in my mind. I was going to ask if you picked it up in Colorado - later noticed lisence plate on your pickup. If it's same running gear an older gentleman owned it ad had it in a shed in his back yard in Lakewood Colorado - south of Belmar Muesum on Wadsworth. A very good friend of mine (Roy) had told him it was International Highwheeler - the gentleman who owned claimed that was incorrect (which I agree it is not IHC Autowagon). At time it was first highwheeler I had ever seen. In 1991 Roy and I traded s
  2. Believe your highwheeler was built by Lee Andeson, Frazze Minnesota. On you tube there is an obscure video interview where he discusses collecting parts over many years - build was labeled 1908. Google search will also pick up some more pics and info. Good luck with your highwheeler. If you ever would like to sell it please contact me. I am also in search of 2 speed planetary transmission as used in a highwheeler, horseless carriage or motorbuggy. Thanks!
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