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  1. I was just researching that myself... they do have some leds that can range in voltage fro 5 through 24v. I'll deffintily be looking into getting some that'll be universal for both my rigs. Thank you
  2. Thanks guys! Sounds like just swapping bulbs between rigs might be the way to go. I appreciate the info... gonna start restoring the trailer here soon. I'm pretty stoked to have a truck, and boat with a outboard motor all the same year. It's been a very fun project. Hopefully I can post some pics soon and show her off
  3. I have a 1954 International R110 pickup that is all original... still running the 6volt electrical system... and I'm almost done restoring my 1954 Crestliner boat that I would like to pull behind it... I drive both vehicles pretty regularly. I was wondering has anyone wired a trailer pig tail to a 6 volt system? How'd it work with the trailer? I also pull the boat with my late model pickup so if possible I'd like to use 12 volt bulbs and what not on the trailer... just curious what you all have done, or what you think... trying to get ideas before I finish the trailer. Thanks
  4. I was pulled over the other evening in my late model Chevy suburban for having a burned out tag light... no big deal, easy fix, just a warning ticket. But this got me wondering. My 1954 international R110 did not come factory equipped with a tag lamp. I've researched and have gotten conflicted answers about this. Some say, No... if it's a antique vehicle that didn't come factory equipped with it then it's exempt from the law, and some say state or city ordnance requires it on all vehicles no matter make or model. Anyone here have any experience with this?
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