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  1. Does anyone have any information on identifying the various springs used for Hassler shocks? The catalog shows quite a few different springs for roadsters, coupes, etc by their part numbers. But how can they be recognized now? I believe the only difference is the wire diameter, but the catalog doesn’t list the wire diameter for the various part numbers. Andy Ott
  2. I’m working on installing Hasslers on one of my Model T projects. I’m trying to figure out the year ranges for the various types I’m seeing. There’s what I think is comment referred to as the “beehive” type, with springs about 6 inches tall, and here’s the “pancake” type, with springs only about 2 inches high. What years or car types were each of these different types of Hasslers used? Thanks for any help.
  3. I’m trying to put together a set of Hassler shock absorbers for a 1926-26 vehicle, but of course at least the way they attach to the rear axle is different from the rest , the pre-1925 vehicles. What are the differences? What am I looking for? Does anyone have the “Hassler Shock Absorbers and Parts Catalog” similar to the Catalog 103 found easily on line, but for the ‘26-‘27 rather than the earlier ones? thanks