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  1. Didn't get many rising to the bait...but running this ad on Oklahoma City to see if someone there recognizes the car Uncle Ted has out in the barn... 1953 Cadillac 3-seater convertible, black - $1000 (Oklahoma city) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) I want this car, thought to be in storage in OC since '53. Wire wheels. Disappearing top. Lot of chrome on the dash, Unique 3 seater. Painted black. Had Michigan plates on it.
  3. This car was stolen from a Wiscojnsin's restorer's amateur shop, alog with all the paperwork. Later restored by Paul Russell. Still later sold in Europe for $7 million. But then a US car fan recognized it and contacted the victim who tried to sue to get it back. There was supposed to be a court ruling in 2018 so I wonder if anyone knows what the result was. The Wisconsin man has died in the meantime but at least his relatives could have the car.