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  1. Thank you Walt G, never too much info - fascinating! I would love to know the story behind why Santa Maria chose this model. I was searching on-line and found the attached ad images but couldn’t really tell the difference - enough to determine which model was in my picture. Are any of the three the same as in the picture? How much would this car have cost? I saw some prices around $2800.00, is that close?
  2. Thank you, 1931 seems late only because of the year (approx.) of the airplane so I'll need to check that also.
  3. Can anyone identify the car in this photo? The pilot on the left is Alberto Honore Santa Maria, the airplane is a ca. 1920 U.S. Army Air Corps Douglas O2-H. Santa Maria flew Sopwith Camels for the RCAF in WW I. He owned a Cord dealership in Ardmore, PA, that went bankrupt in the depression. I intend to post the photo on the website of the Massey Air Museum (Eastern Shore of Maryland).
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