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  1. I recently came across this transmission in my grandfathers garage, I believe it's for a GM 8 3 speed corvette. That said I've attached a handful of pictures and was hoping you can help me identify it but I was told it's not locked up and worth $300... Any takers?
  2. Hi lump, I tried to clean up the numbers for calcification but forgot to take a picture of the other side. Let me know what you think but I can take more pictures this Friday.
  3. Thanks guys, all the information and advice is extremely helpful. I will definitely utilize the information and plan accordingly. Once, I clean her up, show all the additional parts, put air in the tires and provide the engine / tranny info I will re-post the proper pictures here first. At that time you all should have the info you need and we can proceed. Once again, thank you all for your help and have a great day. If anyone has any additional questions please feel free to DM.
  4. Thanks Terry, I will do that. From what I was told the 55 has a 327 corvette engine from 65 or 66. 350 hp and a 4 bolt main that holds the crank shaft. Again, everything is what some one will pay. Based on that and now knowing the engine are we thinking it's worth 10-12k? As mentioned I would l've to restore it but wouldn't know where to start nor have some where to store it. I was thinking of putting it up for sale on eBay motors and call it a day. George, I'm happy to sell it, I was just trying to do all my home work before hand.
  5. There's no fishing at all. There's no set price as I'm trying to determine the value as I'm not a car expert. The car was never stored in a wet or damp place and I'm not sure what gives you that impression. As I noted in my first post it was garage kept for 30 years, yet it has been sitting out side under a car cover for 3-4years. I was advised to join this forum as there are knowledgeable people that are willing to guide me in the right direction. So far everyone has been very welcoming until now. George, I'm not sure where this is coming from since you were the first to make a offer over DM. That said, we are all untitled to our opinions and YES I am very much interested in selling the car, I just didn't want to be taken advantage of and was trying to educate myself. I will get some pictures of the what's under the hood over the next few weeks. If anyone is still interested by all means let me know.
  6. Thanks guys. Once I get the hood open I will send a few pictures around but i'm pretty sure it has the 327 corvette engine in there. Based on what you've shared, almost 100% original with not much rust and the engine what are we thinking? 18-20k as is? I want to restore her but I think it will cost way to much. Pictures below.
  7. Thanks for the heads up and my apologies for the delay as it appears I'm only allowed to respond to a certain amount of comments a day. I will do what you suggested and wire brush / wet and circle back. Give me a week or so as I have it stored at a family members garage. Out of curiosity if it was either of the two you mentioned above, do they have any value? I'm just curious if I should just scrap them or are they worth more to someone who needs it.
  8. Those are the numbers. Are you able to identify and perhaps it’s value. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, the 55's are definitely the most sort after. I should have 4 extra rims, and the toying hitch. I'm not a total expert so I would have to dig around to see what's in storage. I wouldn't mine getting like you said, roadworthy and a scuff/prime. I'm just not sure who that would be in my area at a reasonable cost. I'm pretty sure my old man put a huge engine under neath but can't pop the hood yet. Maybe a few weeks or so. It should be 100% original except the steering wheel and engine.
  10. Hey guys, I can't thank you all enough for the information. I've been thinking about getting her back on the road for years now. 1. Yes was towed but i'm not sure if raced. I have the original caps as well as the towing hatch (see pictures) 2. Thanks for the hood diagram, I will definitely try and pop her open was the weather gets a little nicer and supply you with the numbers. 3. I would be interested in selling it. Where are you located? Lastly, if I'm correct these are hard to come by/rare. I've seen them fully restored for 80-150k. I wouldn't mind getting her back up on the road. Year ago, my old man wanted me to take her to Chip Foose and have her redone. Were you guys able to click on the link below? it has a good amount of pictures except for the engine.
  11. Thanks. What do you it’s worth as it sits?
  12. Ok I’ll try and do what you recommend but from what I can make out it say the below. GM 8 3868986 GR176 & 8880041
  13. Hi Greg that would be great. I can email the high resolution ones but in the meantime do the below help?
  14. Hello all, I'm looking to sell my 1955 Chevy Nomad Bel Air. This is a one owner car. I had her running about 4 years ago. She currently sits out side (covered) at the moment but was garage kept for 50 years. She definitely needs some TLC. I'm not sure how to open the hood but I believe there's a 327 corvette engine in there from the 60's. I was looking to see what the value might be and perhaps toying with the idea of bring her back to life. Any help in what she might be worth as is would be great. Of course I willing to let her go. Also have a look at the link below which offer about 25 additional pictures. Thanks in advance. PS the care is located in NY.