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  1. Truck runs well over 40mph after cutting the hose and removing the space to have curvature in the future. Drove it on the highway well past 50mph and then the ujoint came a loose! Good thing I have AAA!!
  2. It was the fuel hose!! 🙄 Hose was too long and became bent, which then kept the engine from getting as much fuel it needed for the load. Thanks to everyone who responded!!
  3. Edelbrock carburetor stumbles then stalls out around 40mph. Replaced carb with a Summit Racing M2008 Series, 600 cfm, square 4 barrel, electric choke... same issues. Mechanics have tune it at least 3 times already and after about 20 minutes of driving, trying to go over 40mph is impossible. Truck stumbles/hesitates, I let off gas.. dropping down to about 25mph, give it gas and then it just stumbles out and stalls. Sometimes I have to wait at least 5 minutes for the truck to start back up.. other times, longer because the truck won’t even crank.. so something is needing to cool down to even
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