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  1. Hello I'm not sure if this post is allowed or not. But I recently inherited this from my father in law who was a car enthusiast. Specifically older Pontiac's. From my research it seems to be quite rare. I'm not so much interested in selling it at this time but just wanted to gain some insight to where it's from, what vehicle and ETC. I've found similar emblems online but they seem to be mostly chrome. And this one is Brass. But seems to be authentic. Any information is gladly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I don't have a picture of the bottom one mounted on the wood piece unfortunately. Thanks for your response !
  3. Came across some old Pontiac hood orgaments and after extensivelly searching the web I can't seem to find a value for these. I would more than likely keep them but I'm curious what the value might be. I have attached some pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
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